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2017 Campus Open Day successfully held at SBC

2017 Campus Open Day successfully held at SBC


The 2017 campus Open Day was successfully held on Saturday 17th June. More than 500 students, parents and representatives from high schools and enterprises with ties to SBC visited the campus and took in the top, international academic atmosphere and diverse campus culture.

Professor John Wilson, Principal and CEO of SBC, extended a warm welcome to all visiting guests, students and parents and introduced the establishment background and development vision of SBC.Professor Linda Liu, Vice-Dean of SBC, gave students and their parents a full picture of the college development scale, characteristics and student achievements.Then, Dr Christine Mortimer, Director of Academic Quality and Business Development, gave a presentation on the academic quality and teaching system of SBC.

Following the sharing of campus experiences by two current students of SBC, Business Management year 2 student Hu Ziwei and Industrial Electronics and Control Engineering year 3 student Jiang Xiaofei. Zheng Shiyu, representative of SBC Graduates, talked about her life experience that transitions an events management student into a media personality. She encouraged students and parents to choose SBC, the greatest possible consideration.

Innovation, Creation Ability and Critical Thinking

The School of Management, School of Engineering and Computing and School of Languages, Education and Cultures offered a variety of academic demonstration classes, introduction of scientific research and Laboratory visits of the day. Demonstration lectures and seminars gave visiting students an opportunity to experience the academic classes entirely in English and communicated to professors and graduates face to face.

At the same time, the booths of Student Management Department, Career Service Development Centre, Overseas Department attracted many spectators. Various careers service and development sessions were offered to students and parents, such as the training mode of the talents majoring, employment situation and future development of the relevant trades.

Student Liu Shangru from innovation and enterprise centre of SBC said “The teacher was very enthusiastic about giving guidance to students, offering a great help to students’ innovation activities. Also, SBC encouraged students to be independent learnersThere are quite a lot students doing their own business in school and some of them have already awarded a number of international prizes. ”

Diverse Campus Culture with a Combination of Chinese and Western

The exhibition of campus culture at this year’s event was formed of a musical performance. Professor Ma Xiaohui, Erhu Virtuoso and First-Level Traditional Artist and Dr Timothy Kelly, Professor and Doctor of Psychology offered a combination of dialogue and music performance in SBC English Tearoom.

Meet the Future, a Face-to-Face Communication

The SBC Careers Service and Development team is committed to enhancing students’ employability skills and competency by offering a systematic competency package, ultimately facilitating SBC students’ rise to career success. At the Open Day, Careers Service and Development department invited four outstanding graduates, Sun Yuhao, Ji Hanxiao, Wang Manlu, Shen Haojun, to the career development session. They shared their life experiences in SBC, and encouraged students to be involved more in campus activities, making effective use of the platform and resources offered by SBC. At last, the SBC ambassadors, student helpers and teachers joined the tea party with alumni. 

At the conclusion of the whole event, many visiting students and parents really appreciated all the SBC ambassadors done for them. Their skilled ability of English, friendly service and positive image was quite impressive.

One parent expressed the view that they had acquired a more rounded picture of British educational resources, teaching features and the advantages of studying at SBC by all the interactive events, academic and cultural experience activities. They also mentioned that they saw the potential and possibility of having a fulfilling and wonderful study life at SBC in the four years ahead.