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SBC students guest lectures: “Critical Thinking” and “An Introduction to Software Product Line Engineering”

SBC students guest lectures: “Critical Thinking” and “An Introduction to Software Product Line Engineering”


On the 24th October and 25th October, the SBC Guest Lecture series welcome distinguished speaker Professor Mike Mannion, Assistant Vice-Principal (Academic), Glasgow Caledonian University and Visiting Professor Sino-British College

Professor Mike Mannion gained his first degree in Computer Science from Brunel University, and went on to graduate with an MBA from the Open University and a PhD in Artificial Intelligence from the University of Bristol. His research interests include product-line engineering, software engineering and engineering education. He is a Chartered Engineer and a member of the British Computer Society, IEEE and ACM, published more than 50 papers.

The two guest lectures for students were held by Professor Mike Mannion in the SBC auditorium and attracted over 200 SBC students.

At the beginning of the first lecture “critical thinking”, Professor Mike Mannion analyzed the definition and conception of critical thinking from two aspects: daily life and work. He provided students with a case study about “Amazon details drone delivery plans” to discuss and share their critical thinking from different perspectives.

During the second lecture of “An Introduction to Software Product Line Engineering”, Professor Mike Mannion introduced and described the theoretical basis for the software product line engineering. “Software product lines are enabling many product innovations now, and also facing many challenges including the personalized products development problem.” Professor Mike Mannion said in the speech.

Students who participated in thelecture expressed that improving critical thinking skills was not only for workplace but also was an important social skill for all places. Another engineering student said it was happy to have had the opportunity to learn some knowledge of Software Product Line Engineering and exchange ideas with Professor Mike Mannion