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Professional training on fire safety and campus fire drill successfully held at SBC

Professional training on fire safety and campus fire drill successfully held at SBC


Initiated by the SBC Health, Safety and Security (HSS) Committee, a professional training on campus fire safety was conducted at SBC on 7th November. The training was designed to enhance awareness about fire safety on campus amongst all staff and students. Delivered by Yaoyao Gu from Xuhui Branch of Shanghai Fire Station, the training was joined by over 100 staff and student volunteers. In addition to introductory knowledge about fire control and fire prevention, volunteers were also taught about how to report a fire, how to escape and how to use fire-fighting equipment.

Following the lecture, a campus-wide fire drill was held on 9th November. The simulated activity involved a fire  on the second floor of the Teaching Building. All staff and students were then asked to escape in good order, following the instruction of volunteers in each building.

In the simulated drill, the  exit door was blocked by fire and one student was ‘trapped’ in the classroom and waited for the fireman’s help. She has listened to the fireman’s guide when the fire engines arrived and escaped by means of the ladder and under the fireman’s guidance. Finally, the chief of drill announced the all-clear notice and a banner was presented to the team from Xuhui Branch of Shanghai Fire Station to thank them for their professional support.

Thanks to the joint efforts made by the SBC HSS Committee and the USST Department of Security, staff and students and the management team at SBC were offered the opportunity to learn through practice about introductory knowledge of fire control, fire prevention and fire escape thus enhance the level of campus security as a whole.

Professor John Wilson, Principal & CEO of SBC, said it was of such importance that everyone in the College be as prepared as possible in the event of fire or any other emergency and he thanked everyone for their full participation and particularly thanked Mr Gu and his colleagues for their excellent demonstration.