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CEO for One Month Campus Talk

CEO for One Month Campus Talk


Youth unemployment is a global challenge. There are 71 million young people that are not employed in 2016 based on statistics and in the same time many recruiters believe that lack of experience is the biggest concern when it comes to hiring young people. To address this issue, Adecco Group launched its ‘CEO for One Month’ project in 2014.

On 30th March, Adecco Group came to SBC campus for the third year and offered a wonderful session to SBC students.

At the beginning of the session, Steven Shan, Recruitment Manager from FESCO Adecco, shared his perspective as a recruiting expert. He encouraged students to step into the shoes of an employer and think about what a company would like to see in a candidate, instead of just what students would like to demonstrate to employers. This approach was very important, he emphasised, as he received many resumes that did not meet the basic requirements. He continued to talk about tips for writing a resume and interviewing and urged students to plan their career path as early as possible.

In the second part, Frank Zhang, PR Manager, presented the overall process for ‘CEO for One Month’ project. Then he explained the rationale for this project and what the winner would do as a CEO during the period. As the global winner from last year explained in a video, by working at the side of a CEO of a Fortune 500 company, the project actually enabled her to learn  more in the month than in the previous  10 years,. Mr Zhang  encouraged students at SBC to apply and grab the opportunity, even though they may not feel prepared for everything at this moment.     

Lin Dian, the overall winner in China in 2016, is a sophomore at SBC now and shared what she had learned. . She did not know she would go this far when she applied but did everything she could to prepare. She asked her fellow students at SBC to learn and take responsibility and, most importantly, to enjoy the experience. Her success, as a role model, was a big inspiration.

The whole session was a great success as 45 students attended the talk and more than 30 registered on the spot to sign up for the challenge.   

‘CEO for One Month’ is part of Adecco’s Way to Work Program, the Adecco Group global initiative to support young people at the beginning of their careers. Through Way to Work, the Adecco Group provides internships and apprenticeships (over 5,000 between 2015/2016), career guidance, training, and the chance to become the ‘CEO for One Month’.