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SBC Welcomes 2017 Non-Gao Kao Students

SBC Welcomes 2017 Non-Gao Kao Students


The Sino-British College welcomed new Non-Gao Kao students of Class of 2017 on the registry day on 3 September, 2017. 

To ensure a smooth registration process, members of the SBC and USST management teams, student tutors and student helpers joined the day to assist new students with the registration.

Dr. Liu Bin, Secretary of Joint General Party Branch, Fuxing Campus of USST and Professor Liu Qin, Vice-Dean of SBC joined this event, and warmly welcomed all new Non-Gao Kao  students  and  their  families.

The parents’ meeting was held in the Room 701 of the teaching building in the afternoon. Dr Liu Bin extended a warm welcome to all the parents. Then, Professor Liu gave a brief introduction on the establishment and recent development of SBC, including the development scale, international model of teaching, academic team and diversified scientific research cooperation. At the end, the student tutors met with student parents as well, answering their questions re future study at SBC.