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SBC hosts 2017 Awards Ceremony and New Students Art Performance

SBC hosts 2017 Awards Ceremony and New Students Art Performance


On 21 December 2017, the SBC 2017 Awards Ceremony and New Students Art Performance was successfully held. Professor John Wilson, Principal of SBC, Dr Liu Bin, Secretary of Sino-British CollegeSBCand the University of Shanghai for Science and TechnologyUSST, Professor Liu Qin, Vice-Dean of SBC , Gordon Callan, Head of School of Languages, Education and Cultures, , together with staff representatives and over 300 students and volunteers joined this event.

The Awards Ceremony started with a beautiful musical instruments performance. Following the performance, Dr Liu Bin gave a brief introduction to the background and process of the Awards Ceremony and expressed congratulations to all winners and encouraged everyone to work even harder to achieve further success in the future. Professor John Wilson, Dr Liu Bin, and Professor Liu Qin presented the National and Shanghai Municipal scholarships, Principal’s Scholarship, Social Scholarship and Academic Excellence Scholarship respectively. Zhang Shuyun, the winner of National Scholarship, gave a speech and shared her experiences as a representative.

Professor John Wilson said: “This award ceremony recognizes outstanding performance in the last academic year and I would like to congratulate all the students, those who were nominated, shortlisted and the winners, on their achievements.”

To encourage all-round development, a campus-wide appraisal of “Fuxing SBCer” was carried out to give official recognition to students with excellent achievement in social service, innovation and business practice and arts and sports in the year of 2017. It has attracted a great deal of interest. Three student societies, “N&T robot team”, “Xingmo Team (Starry Ink)” and “Revisiting the Silk Road Social Practice Team”, finally won the awards. Dr Liu Bin, Professor Liu Qin and Ms. Ma Xiaohui, Special-term Professor of SBC, presented the awards to students respectively.

Following the Awards Ceremony, some talented SBC students brought a range of performances to the stage, including dancing, singing, instrument playing and even a short English stage play performance. The high quality art performance was very well received by all staff and students.