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SBC Research and Scholarly Activity: Dr Chris Mortimer

SBC Research and Scholarly Activity: Dr Chris Mortimer


Dr Chris Mortimer, Director of Academic Quality and Business Development at SBC, has made a significant contribution to the latest edition of one of the most highly-regarded textbooks on human resource management (HRM).

The 6th Edition of Bratton, J. & Gold J. Human Resource Management (HRM) Theory and Practice was published in March 2017 by Palgrave.

John Bratton and Jeff Gold have continually updated the text since it was first published in 1995. This edition looks at the way organisations manage human capability but also considers the tensions inherent in employment relationships, encouraging the reader to reflect critically on the realities of contemporary HRM. In order to capture new understandings of the  workplace, including high performance work systems, business ethics and environmental sustainability and the role played within differing national and international contexts, a range of subject experts, including Dr Mortimer,  were asked to contribute. 

Dr Mortimer researched and co-authored the following chapters in this edition and each was co-authored with Jeff Gold:

 ‘Workforce Planning and Diversity’ pp102-139

 ‘Recruitment, Selection and Talent Management’ pp140-182

 ‘Performance Management and Appraisal’ pp184-218

‘Learning and Human Resource Development’ pp219-258

 ‘Leadership and Management Development’ pp444-470.


Dr Mortimer said: ‘Co-authoring with one of the principal authors was a privilege and much was learnt about authoring books, the publication process and the amount of research and drafting that goes into work of this type. Topics that were particularly interesting to research were issues around diversity and how diversity management policies need to be enacted within a holistic transformational strategy. Talent management was another interesting area particularly when considering the different generations currently working together in the workplace. Performance management and appraisal from a global perspective found research from countries such as India, Pakistan, China and Japan as well as work conducted in USA and UK. This was a departure from research work normally included in such books.’

Professor John Wilson, Principal & CEO of SBC, said ‘I’d like to congratulate Dr Mortimer on her contribution to one of the most well-known of all HRM textbooks. It is to the great benefit of SBC, and not least our students, that we have someone of Dr Mortimer’s experience and academic reputation. Enhancing research and scholarly activity is a key priority for the College and Dr Mortimer’s contribution and example help enormously.’