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What the SBC students did in summer holiday?

What the SBC students did in summer holiday?


SBC student- Shao Xueyan In Japan

Shao Xueyan is a Year 3 Business Management student.

“I sent an application and got the offer to be an exchange student in Waseda University during the summer. I am very happy for being given this opportunity to learn more knowledge about my favourite economics and sociology.”

Shao also stated “I am very interested in Japanese modern literature, so I showed my desire of visiting the Japanese literary celebrities’ in the Japan China Exchange Meeting held by the Consulate General of Japan in Shanghai.  This summer exchange project will help my dreams come true. As well as enjoying it, I also think this opportunity would be a fantastic experience before I being studying at the University of Sheffield.”


SBC student- Jiang Xiaofei In Thailand

Many SBC students apply as oversea volunteers in Thailand, and desire to communicate with people from different countries all around the world.

“In Thailand, there are so many different internship experiences which are done whist understanding and becoming part of the local culture. I am going to volunteer for three months and help the weaker people of society. I know this experience will be beneficial to both my careers and studies.”


SBC student- Zhuang Ziyi In Shanghai

Zhuang Ziyi majored in electronics at the University of Sheffield.

He states “I decided to look for an internship in China during my summer holiday so I could spend more time with my parents and get familiar with the industrial environment of China before graduating and pursuing a job there. I sent my application to the SBC career centre, social media and recruitment website at the beginning of April in order to put an action to my plan. The agents found me a work placement which provided me with multidimensional experiences and an amazing location.”

After studying in the UK for 1 year, Zhuang came back home for a short time in June before starting his internship in Yun Han science and technology company in Shanghai.


SBC student- Zhang Xinyan In UK

Zhang Xinyan will graduate from the University of Sheffield this year before accepting an offer from The University College London for a postgraduate degree. She suggests that top universities from overseas want students with both good grades and strong practical abilities.

“Being offered a postgraduate from overseas has been my goal since the beginning of freshman year. I have worked hard to improve myself in academic classes, extra-curricular activities and by gaining internship opportunities. I strongly suggest to students to apply for an internship in banks or investment banks during the summer holidays if you aim to apply for an accounting major like myself.”


According to the SBC career service and development centre data

The 2016 graduates (the ‘4+0’ and ‘2+1+1’ students) have been recognised as having “achieved great success both in terms of outstanding academic performance and social responsibility” with 98% already employed or in Graduate programmes at excellent universities in the UK, USA, Canada and Australia.

Out of the 98%, It is broken down as follows:

  • 41% of graduates decided to continue Master and Doctor Degrees in top universities and research institutions all around the world.
  • 57% of graduates gained employment in a variety of sectors including large state-owned enterprises, foreign-funded enterprises and joint venture enterprises.