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The 2018 UK University Counselling Mission Held Successfully


The 2018 UK university counselling mission was held in the SBC Teaching Building on 19-21 March.

2018 Year 3 Events Management Live Event Festival—“From Now to the Future”


On 19th March, Year 3 Events Management students ran the annual Live Event Festival 2018 – “From Now to the Future” on campus.

Celebrate Trees This Arbor Day


To celebrate the annual Arbor Day and promote the notions of social responsibility and environmental protection, a tree planting event was organised by SBC Facilities Department on 12th March.

A Meeting for the Announcement of Party Secretary Responsibilities Changes Held Successfully


On 5th March 2018, A meeting was held for the announcement of Party Secretary responsibilities changes in the conference room of SBC Administrative Building.

SBC Teaching and Learning Forum for the Class of 2018 Held Successfully


On 2nd March 2018, the 2018 SBC Teaching and Learning Forum was held in the conference room of the SBC Teaching Building.

Professor Ding Xiaodong named president of USST


Profile: USST's President Ding Xiaodong

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