Talks and Lectures

“BEAUTY IS TRUTH”——Erhu Virtuoso Ma Xiaohui Dialogues with Master Chen Jialing

Time: 16/11/2017~16/11/2017 16:15~18:30

Venue: TB 201 


About the Guest:

Chen Jialing is Principal Researcher for China’s National Painting Academy, and Professor of Chinese Painting at Shanghai University Academy of Fine Arts.  Since the 1980s he has been exploring ancient Chinese murals using western watercolor techniques.  After much research and practice, he created a new school of modern Chinese painting incorporating Chinese philosophy, Impressionism, and Abstractionism. 

He is the only artist who has held two personal exhibitions in the China National Museum, showcasing the 80-year-old artist through painting, calligraphy, ceramics, furniture, and silk – all demonstrating his creative new school. Chen Jialing's art is based on tradition, but with the courage to change at any time for creativity’s sake.  His works reflect beauty, truth, harmony, purity, passion, spirituality and power.  Taken together, his art portrays a new Oriental aestheticism, borne in Shanghai.